January 11, 2012

Blade 120 SR Advanced Swashplate

Happy new year everyone! After another break from flying RC, due to a wire short in my tail motor, I have finally gotten my heli back in the air. I flew it outside today (there's no snow in my backyard, so I'm taking advantage of the warm temperatures) in a fair bit of wind and was noticing that I didn't have as much control authority as I wanted.

So, after I got inside, I set my swashplate to the advanced setting (you can find out how to do this in your manual, or on various YouTube videos) and took my heli back outside. There was still a fair bit of wind, but the 120 SR was handling it superbly. I worked on flying it at a greater height, of about 20-30 feet, which was going well until a bit of wind shear that I over-corrected for caused me to crash into the ground.

I ended up breaking off part of the tail rotor, but fortunately, I had an extra one in my box. At this point, the wind picked up a bit more so I decided to fly it inside. The controls were very sensitive and jumpy with the advanced swashplate, so I decided to turn on the lower-rate control mode. This made it a lot smoother, and I am now practicing flying with a side-in and nose-in orientation. From here on in, I will be using the high-rate control mode outdoors and the low-rate control mode inside.

If you have any questions or advice for flying side-in or nose-in, please leave me a comment!

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