September 11, 2011

First Solo!

Well, I've finally done it. This morning, of September 11, 2011, I went on my first solo from CYKF (Waterloo International Airport) in a DA20 Katana (C-FPMC)! :) Before, I went solo, I did 3 circuits with my instructor to make sure I was flying well today. After we got off the runway, my instructor requested taxi for instructor drop off and student's first solo. I shut off the engine and she got out. I was then on my own in the plane, and started my run up checks, since we had turned the engine off. Here is the weather info I recorded from the ATIS: Info Delta-Winds Calm-Vis. 9-Clouds Broken at 12,000'-Temp. 15-Dew Point 13-Altimeter 30'06-Arriving and Departing Runway 32

Me, performing run up checks before my first solo flight, on Taxiway Bravo
After all my checks and taxiing, my Time Up was 11:26 AM EST. I reached 51 knots and rotated, and I began climbing much faster than normal. I climbed up to 1000', went through the downwind checks and called Right Downwind Runway 32. I was first in the circuit, and I got my landing clearance. My approach felt great, and it was one of my best. My instructor warned me that I'd float for a while, so I worked against this. I touched down right on centerline and it felt like I bounced, but everyone watching said I hadn't. I turned off onto taxiway Alpha (my Time Down was 11:34 AM EST), and was congratulated by the tower and ground controllers, and taxied back to Apron 2. I shut down the engine, which concluded my first 0.4 Hours as Pilot In Command :D

Talking with my instructor after my first solo flight 
Me, after my first solo in DA20 Katana C-FPMC

LiveATC recordings of the solo portion of my flight:

The first MP3 is from 11:00 AM EST until 11:30, and the second MP3 is from 11:30 AM EST until 12:00. These files are from

Also, my thoughts go out to all the victims of the terrible attacks of September 11th, 10 years ago. You will not be forgotten.

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