August 22, 2011

Waterloo Airshow 2011

So, I'm finally back from 3 weeks of drill and leadership instruction at CFB Borden :) Had a great time at camp and also volunteered at the air show the past weekend. I was working at the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre pilot shop and the water bottle tent.

The show was great both days, even with less than great weather on Sunday. I'm honestly much too tired at the moment to fully dive into the details of the air show, but some of the performers were the Canadian Army Skyhawks, American Viper East F-16s, Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18s, Canadian Harvards, F-86 Hawk One, various aerobatic pilots and the RCAF Snowbirds.

Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds performing at Waterloo Airshow
Incase you haven't noticed me referring to the various Canadian Forces branches as their old names, that's because their old names have been restored! The 3 CF branches are now the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force. The branches will still all be part of the Canadian Forces, and the ranks will all remain the same. More details of the restoration of the RCAF can be found at this link:

The last point I have to touch on is that I'm going flying tomorrow after 3 weeks being stuck on the ground. I'm going for a 2 hour review and depending on how that goes, I'll have either another review flight or a pre-solo check and first solo flight :) Wish me luck for a great flight tomorrow!

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