August 27, 2011

Restricted Radio Operator Certificate - Aeronautical

Today, I was supposed to fly my first solo. I entered my dual checkout (in the circuit) and my first solo in the flight log, and went out to the airplane to fly with my instructor. It wasn't until she asked if I had my Radio License with me that my plans changed. I was under the impression that I didn't need it with me, because we were staying in Canada, and I had it signed off in my PTR. The reason I didn't have it is because I still hadn't received it in the mail (I took the exam on May 3rd!), but the Flight Centre is getting me another one now. Anyways, it turns out that I needed to have it with me, so instead of a solo, I ended up doing 2 circuits and getting 0.5 hours. I'm hoping to get my Radio License quickly so I can solo as soon as possible; I want to get past circuit flying!

Since I'm talking about the Radio License, I think I should share some info about it for new student pilots. The Restricted Radio Operator Certificate - Aeronautical is issued by Industry Canada. An ROC-A is required by operators of radiotelephone equipment on board aircraft and at aeronautical land (fixed and mobile) radio stations using aeronautical mobile frequencies. The certificates are issued for life and require no recertification. Exams for the Radio License can be taken at an Industry Canada office or by one of Industry Canada's accredited examiners (I took mine at the Flight Centre). The purpose of the exam is to show that you have knowledge of how to operate radio equipment, how to comply with radio procedures and to show your knowledge of the Radiocommunication Act. There are no nationality or age restrictions as to who can hold a Radio License. You will have to bring a variety of official ID to the exam to get your license.

To study for the exam, you should read the Study Guide for the Restricted Operator Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification (made available by Industry Canada: Link to the guide), your copy of From The Ground Up, and you should work on radio procedures with your instructor.

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  1. hello Adam. im 16 and have to take my RORC test soon. I was wondering what is was like. I know that it is through a phone call, but I would like to know your thoughts on how easy/hard it was. I would also like to know what kind of questions were asked and stuff like that. Could you please email me or respond to this post? Thank-you!.