July 02, 2011

Option Bravo

Today I worked on Circuits again, but with a little bit extra :P On my second circuit, I made my downwind call as usual, but then my instructor requested Option Bravo at the end. The controller laughed after giving us clearance, so I thought something was up. My instructor then dropped the engine to idle; simulating an engine failure. That was definitely as different experience, and was a pretty round base and final leg. For anyone who'll be doing this kind of thing, get a copy of your aircraft's emergency checklists, and memorize them. This will make this lesson very easy.

After another Option Bravo, my instructor requested an Option Foxtrot. After completing the circuit and doing a touch-and-go, I thought I was out of the blue... Until we were past the runway, at 100' AGL, my instructor cut the power. I had to explain everything that I'd do if this was an actual engine failure, and then go through the same procedures as an over shoot (these include: Full Power, Enter a Climb and Retract Flaps)

Now that I've completed most of the emergency procedures, I have two more flights to work on more landings and a few other things, then I have a checkout ride with one of our CFIs (we review Slow Flight, Stalls, Steep Turns and then do a few circuits), and if I pass that then I get to go on my first solo :D

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