July 30, 2011

Check your Indicators

In the circuit today with my instructor, as I started to descend on base, I noticed that to keep my approach speed at 65kts, I had to maintain a nose-high attitude. Even after adding flaps, I still had to keep that attitude. Anyways, I floated quite a bit before I landed. After rotating from the touch and go, my instructor asked me why I floated so long. I didn't have an answer so she told me to look out the window. I noticed that the flaps were up when I had set them to take-off. Turns out my instructor pulled the circuit breaker of the flaps mid-downwind. So the lesson I learned here is to take a quick look at the indicators (instead of adding flaps while looking out the window), and if the light happens to be off, then you can take appropriate actions and expect different conditions on landing. :)

On this flight in the circuit, I had my dad take a few pictures and videos of my approaches from the ground. I'll post the videos after I upload them to YouTube (Check out my channel: ftrCFplt) in about 3 weeks, after I get back from camp.

Me, on final approach to Runway 32 at CYKF, in a DA20 Katana (C-FPMC)
Speaking of camp, do you know a youth interested in an aviation, leadership, citizenship and teamwork based organization? Have them check out Royal Canadian Air Cadets (Cadets Canada). There are many summer training opportunities at various Canadian Forces bases across Canada, and you even have the chance to obtain both your Glider and Private Pilot licenses for FREE! This summer, I'm headed to the Basic Leadership Course at Blackdown Army Cadet Summer Training Centre (located at CFB Borden) for 3 weeks.

One last thing, if you happen to be around the Kitchener area on August 20th or 21st, be sure to check out the Waterloo Air Show at CYKF. There are many fantastic acts including the Skyhawks, Snowbirds, a CF-18, an F-16 and various other military and aerobatic displays. There is also an aviation expo, where you can learn about different careers in aviation, and check out many cool planes up close. I'll be volunteering this year at the Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre tent, and I'll be sure to share my stories with everyone :) Here's the link for it: http://www.waterlooairshow.com/. Also be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

So long for 3 weeks!

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