June 08, 2011

Radio Procedures: Taxi and Take-Off

So, I've recently been working on radio calls, mainly the ones before the flight on the ground. This post will be the first of a series on radio procedures. For more details on using the radio, check out your From The Ground Up, or the Study Guide for the Restricted Radio Operators Certificate-Aeronautical (From Transport Canada, which you will need to study before you get your Radio Certificate). Also, make sure you have the entire phonetic alphabet memorized.

The Procedures
The following will be most beneficial for pilots operating from controlled airports
The first thing you do, before making contact with ATC, will be to obtain the ATIS, if the airport has it.

The first call, which will tell ATC who you are and that you have received the ATIS, will go as this: "Random Ground, this is Katana Golf Alpha Bravo Charlie with information Oscar"

Ground control then reply to you, most likely telling you to go ahead. You will reply with your location and your intentions: "Random Ground, Alpha Bravo Charlie is on apron 2, request taxi to the active for local north at 3000 feet"

*On the second call, if initiated by ATC, you can omit the aircraft type and and say only the last 3 letters of your callsign*

Ground will then give you taxi instructions and, if you are equipped with a transponder, will tell you what code to squawk. You will read back your taxi clearance and the code they give to you: "Random Ground, Alpha Bravo Charlie to taxi via apron 2 and 3 to taxiway Bravo, and squawk 1234"

You then taxi as you were cleared to do, and when you get to the holding position before the runway, one of the items on your checklist will be (If you have this type of transponder) to change the transponder from STBY to ALT, meaning that it will show your altitude in the Control Tower. You also switch your radio frequency from Ground Control to Tower. When you are ready for take-off, your call will be: "Random Tower, Alpha Bravo Charlie is ready for takeoff Runway 32"

After ATC gives you your take-off clearance, you will acknowledge by transmitting your callsign immediately after receiving clearance: "Alpha Bravo Charlie"

So that's about all there is for taxi and take-off... Stay tuned for more procedures!

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