May 09, 2011

Attitude, Power, Trim

So, had my first real flight yesterday, and one of the main things we worked on were, climbs, descents, and turns.

For climbs, there are a few steps you have to take. First, check that all your switches are where they're supposed to be, then check your engine instruments. Finally, turn your Carb. heat on for a few seconds to check for icing.

Now to begin the climb, you follow Attitude, Power and Trim. First, you pull back to pitch the nose up. Then, add power to keep your airspeed. Finally, if you'll be climbing for a long time, you use your trim to sustain the climb.

To level off again, you follow Attitude, Power and Trim again. You first level off the nose, then reduce power back to cruise, and reset your trim to cruise.

Now, for descents. You follow all the same checks as mentioned above, but for a descent, you leave the Carb. heat on.

To begin the descent, you follow Power, Attitude and Trim (slightly different than climbs). First, reduce power, then bring the aircraft to a slightly nose down attitude, and use trim if necessary.

To level off, use Power, Attitude and Trim in the same fashion as levelling off from a climb.

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